I love radio. The theater of the mind. Creative opportunities are only limited by ones imagination and studio savvy. Here are three campaigns, loaded with laughs, mind-bending concepts, punchy taglines–and jingles too!

Car Cash was a Tristate Business that paid “Cash for Cars.” Our concepts were geared to provoke anxiety about the problems people face when selling their cars.

We worked with incredible voice actors who turned in amazing performances. We also took our time in the studio, creating all the layers of sound design and FX to fully immerse our listeners in the fantasy of every scene.


The Car Cash campaign won three Silver Microphones, a Moebius and a Summit.

FreshCap is the branded spout we introduced to get dairies on board with the program that had long been embraced by juice giants like Tropicana.

Dairies have a much slimmer profit margin, so paying a few more cents per carton for customer convenience was a very hard sell. Of course, all you have to do is walk down the dairy aisle of any supermarket to see the success of our FreshCap brand. A real game changer.

The Long Cow was part of our outdoor  campaign. We successfully translated that billboard concept into an audio tale that fully illustrates the power of “world-building” in radio ads.

Jingles! I’m really proud of the jingles that wrap each spot. We enlisted a talented, versatile composer with a great feel for country western, rock and pop. Listen to the jingle variations in each ad, crafted to appeal to different demos. Need a great jingle? Call me!



“Thank you for your efforts in helping to make FreshCap a success…With the support of your achievements, the division sold an additional 34 million spout closures. Part of the vision…is to place a FreshCap spout on every retail dairy container sold by International Paper. The results of your hard work are helping to make this a reality.”

Larry Gibson

FreshCap Product Manager, International Paper

VTS Travel

Vince Vitty, the owner/namesake of VTS, was a big buff of “Golden Age” cinema. So we pitched him on the concept of Travel Tales, where we re-imagined his favorite films (with travel agency twists. He loved the idea, and so did we. Who hasn’t wished for a happy ending to Casablanca?

We hired a terrific actor/impersonator to fill in for Bogart and Wayne. And Mr. Vitty leapt at the chance to have his moment in the sun with the closers.


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