Direct Response

Direct Response

Did I mention that we were the ad agency for the Direct Marketing Association? Yes, but it bears repeating. Why us? Persuasion. DM pros know that the art of persuasion is also a science. A testable science. Split runs of different creative concepts and alternative arguments demonstrate which approach is the most persuasive.

With DM, the only thing that matters is results. Sales. Inquiries. Data collection. It’s true with mailers, letters, ads and interactive. Ready to see some eye-opening examples? Let’s start with the recruitment letters I wrote for the DMA. If you’re pressed for time, scroll down to the fast-take stuff, including my favorite cost-effective mailer: the humble postcard.

You can find great examples of my Direct Response TV and Radio in the submenu sections above. Ditto with interactive. This page is dedicated to print samples. What do they all have in common? Creative based on carefully crafted strategic direction. That and three most important words in DM: Testing. Testing. Testing.



5″ x 7″ postcards. The most cost effective direct mailer you’ll ever use. Cheap to print, cheap to mail, and incredibly effective at generating sales. Sure, full page letters and flyers give you the opportunity to present a longer and perhaps, more persuasive argument. But these little workhorses really pull their weight (and provice excellent split-testing ops!).


I’ve done a ton of these in a variety of formats, so I’ll confine these examples to a few mailers with interesting graphic designs that create a powerful initial impact and entice the reader to, well, read ’em and respond.

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