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The Long Advertising Portfolio

With over 20 years of experience and a boatload of national advertising awards, there’s a lot of ground to cover here. 

Let’s break it down by categories:

Business to Business

I was weaned on business-to-business advertising and continue to outfox the competition with break-the-mold tactics that prove B to B doesn’t stand for Bland and Boring.

What gives me bragging rights? Long ago, I came to the amazingly obvious conclusion that business people (from the President down to the Purchasing Manager) need to be captivated, entertained and compelled to make a purchase in the same way as consumers. What a concept!

Sure, you might need some hard facts for the engineers, but there’s no reason why they can’t be conveyed with humor, drama and power. I’ve worked with some of the largest (and most conservative) corporations in the world…and guess what? They know a good ad when they see one and they usually have the guts to run them.


After years of B to B, I turned to consumer advertising. Some of my corporate Fortune 500 clients like International Paper also had trade and consumer divisions, like Ilford Photo. It was tough landing my first purely consumer clients with only a few portfolio samples, but the work was strong enough to convince some local and regional advertisers to take a chance and hop on board. The radio and TV ads we produced won many shelves full of awards and within two years, over 60% of my clients were consumer advertisers. Cool, right?


I’ve been doing print ads since I learned to walk. And they keep getting better and better. They sell product, they entertain, they are remembered.

What more do you want?


Q: How can you make an eye-popping, award winning TV spot for half the cost of an ad with comparable production values…and get 25% over your media budget in bonus placements?

A: Start with a world-class creative maven, add 20 plus years of production know-how, throw in a dash of the most talented post-production wizards on either coast and top it off with the most hard nosed negotiators you’ve ever seen (with the possible exception of a few major league sports agents).

Corporate Videos

Do you know what most production houses forget about when they put together a corporate video script? The beginning, the middle and the end. My skill in formulating the most convincing and persuasive direct mail arguments (I wrote recruitment letters for the Direct Marketing Association) is channeled into crafting videos that grab you, hold you and won’t let you go.

Being a screenwriter helps too.

Speaking of which, can you spot the clip on the right that isn’t a corporate video? Hint: scary madman screenshot.


First class, knock ’em dead creative with mind blowing state of the art sound design. Winners of numerous national awards including Silver Microphone, Summit, Vision and Moebius awards for Best Concept, Copywriting, Use of Humor and Use of Music.

Check out the jingles too!


When you do a lot of Business-to-Business work, you create a ton of collateral. Brochures, folders, fliers, mailers, posters, you name it, which brings me to…

Graphic Design

There are two kinds of collateral design: by the numbers, crank it out in the least amount of time possible (crappy) and; treat each project as opportunity to make the world a more beautiful place.

My first love was painting and drawing. I still love painting and drawing…plus illustration and graphic design, including: print ads, logos, stationery, corporate identity, brochures, annual reports, flyers, postcards, interactive and yes, even packaging design.


I love the great outdoors. Crafting eye-catching, traffic stopping billboards and double-take posters is fun and funny.  I want a lot more of this work. And a tan.

Direct Response

Did I mention that we were the ad agency for the Direct Marketing Association? Yeah, but it bears repeating. Why us? Persuasion. DM pros know that the art of persuasion is also a science. A testable science. Split runs of different creative concepts and alternative arguments demonstrate with approach is the most persuasive.

With DM, the only thing that matters is results. Sales. Inquiries. Data collection. It’s true with mailers, letters, ads and interactive. Ready to see some eye-opening examples? Press that button NOW!


What’s the most important aspect of web marketing? Testability. Everything about online advertising is measurable: impressions, clickthroughs, sales and calls to action. If you’re not running split campaigns, you can’t maximize your potential. Let’s discuss.

Other Stuff

Okay, let’s kitchen sink it with a grab bag of miscellaneous marvels: logos, stationery design, corporate identity, bumper stickers, refrigerator magnets, fortune cookies, t-shirts and…whatever oddball project you have that needs a fresh look.

Questions? Comments? Quotes? Collaboration?

Want to know more? Ask me anything. I’m here to help.