Milk Media – connecting with kids to promote nutrition and healthy lifestyles! It began with milk cartons side panels. Then, we took it to a whole new level with Milk Rocks! Milk Rocks helps to make milk ‘cool for kids’ through three unique distribution channels.

The Challenge

Making milk cool to drink – in an age of unhealthy, sugar and chemical laden drinks that are part of a childhood obesity epidemic, we were tasked with creating a profile that encouraged tweens and teens to drink milk. (there’s a lot of this in your history, I’m just doing this to show you a plug and play layout!)

The Solution

The solution was simple – (outline solution – images)

Milk was cool again!

We made milk cool again

With our three basic channels, we increased milk drinking by…

Milk Rocks!

Our community, Milk Rocks, contained content by….

Impressions sold

(another achievement)

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

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