Why pay for a full-service ad agency when you can get a full-service Ad Guy at a fraction of the cost? Of course, sometimes you need a full-service ad agency, even with a regional campaign. Other times, you just think you need a full-service agency, because, hey, what’s the alternative? Consider the value of a full-service Ad Guy, with twenty years of success in virtually every area of the advertising and marketing spectrum. This Ad Guy, your Ad Guy, can deliver a complete turnkey package: strategic platform, concepts, creative execution and production¾for a whole lot less than you’d pay for an entire team of agency pros. Hard to believe, right?

You will believe. Your first job will be 50% off the rate card. Satisfaction guaranteed. You don’t pay until you’re happy. When you’re happy, I’m happy.


With most ad agencies, the top brass might come out for the presentation (more likely the contract signing), then as soon as the ink is dry, you find yourself in the hands of Junior AEs and Junior creatives doing Junior-class work. You’re left wondering, “What happened to all the beautiful stuff I saw in the portfolio?” and more importantly, “What happened to all my money?”

What I kept hearing from my BIG Fortune 500 clients is that the BIG ad agencies (they used to work with) were not giving them access to the top creative people, were not proactive in advising them on dangers and opportunities, were not involved in their day to day real life business challenges and were not giving them the hand holding, damage control and consulting service they deserved.

Now you can have the full-service resource of a seasoned pro with neck-deep experience in virtually every area of the advertising business. And yes, I’ll hold your hand, but you won’t need it.

Can. Do.

Anyone who has ever founded and maintained a successful business (and every savvy person who hasn’t) understands that you can’t survive in such a competitive marketplace without being extremely self-motivated, disciplined and persistent. I bring that work ethic, professionalism and determination to every assignment. I would stack myself up with the best-of-the-best in all things creative, strategic positioning, branding, and (interestingly, for a creative guy) sales. I can pitch the hell out of a campaign and I’m a great presenter.


I learn fast and I mean FAST. My experience and on-the-fly marketing savvy slashes the learning curve to half the time it takes most agencies to get cozy with your people, your market and the challenges you face. This saves you time and money. Lots.

And when you’re facing a tight deadline (when aren’t you?) go to the Ad Guy to get your job done pronto. I dig in fast and muscle my way through the biggest projects in record-breaking time. If I had to count the number of times I’ve had to create 24-hour start-to-finish ad campaigns, I’d run out of fingers and toes.


I’m used to working with tight budgets. I can’t remember a time with loose budgets. If you compare my project fees with the big agencies, you’ll be grinning ear to ear. If you compare them to small agencies and other freelancers, you’ll still be smiling because you can’t get what I offer from other creative resources at twice the price.

Straight Shooter, Team Player

If you’re looking for a hinge-neck “yes man,” look further. If you want a marketing partner that won’t lie to you, you’re in the right place. I’ll tell you what I think and when I don’t agree with you, but ultimately, it’s your work and your money. So like a good soldier, I’ll get the job done, without the whines and snickers. Well, maybe a whine.


I make it my business to grow your business. I won’t sit around waiting for the next assignment. I’ll come to you with new ideas and strategies. And when I spot an opportunity that can make you lots of money, I make sure you get the news before the competition figures it out.


Time and again I’ve demonstrated an ability to identify desirable marketing partners for co-operative ventures and put a winning deal together. I’m an extremely skilled negotiator (saving you lots of nasty legal fees) that can craft a package that makes both sides happy (with the emphasis on your side). There are some good stories here, so ask about them.

It’s the Strategy Stupid

My mission? Increase your brand awareness and sales with memorable advertising that:

1) engages viewers instantly

2) speaks the language of your core demo

3) operates from a sound strategic platform

4) creates demand.

Shock value draws eyeballs, but where’s the brand-building benefit? My creative process is a strategic process. Job one is the positioning statement. This is where I formulate the blueprint and battle plan for the creative. Research is a critical component. The statement includes a market overview; target audience profile; demographics and psychographics; analysis of competitive advantages, opportunities, obstacles and liabilities; key differentiating benefits; umbrella positioning and identity; and creative strategic direction. Take a look at the following case history to see how my creative process and strategic direction go hand in hand.