Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m really, really good at solving problems. Specifically, your problems. I’m also really, really experienced–in a lot of product categories and market niches.

In the B to B sector: paper and packaging, plastics and materials, photography and imaging. In the consumer world: beverages (dairy, juice, wine). Yes, I’m also a generalist (see “really good problem solver” above), with exceptional skills in all phases of strategic marketing and a flair for positioning, branding and corporate ID.

Bottom line: I help my clients think waaaaay outside the box and offer up practical, hard-nosed battle plans. I can lay out more money-making, money-saving, checkmate winning advice in one hour than you might get all year from other over-priced consulting firms.

I could drill down and serve up more examples, or give you some compelling case histories, but instead I’ll make a more interesting offer: hit the button below and schedule a FREE thirty minute consultation. I won’t guarantee that you’ll be blown away, but I’m completely confident you’ll be significantly impressed by the questions I ask, and my thoughtful suggestions for digging deeper into the challenges you face. Otherwise, why would I waste your valuable time…and mine?

Questions? Comments? Quotes? Collaboration?

Want to know more? Ask me anything. I’m here to help.