I don’t like to blow my own horn, but I do think it’s important for you to hear a few tunes from clients who appreciated the work. I must confess, I didn’t actively solicit testimonials when I probably should have, otherwise, there’d be a bigger gallery! That said, here’s some nice things clients have said. Hopefully, these kind kudos will buttress your trust if you’d like to work together.

“We had an advertising schedule slated to run the week of the tragedy at the World Trade Center. Long was totally on top of the situation, rearranging our media schedule from entertainment based programming to news and making sure that our message was altered in print campaigns to reflect the proper respectful emotional tone.”

Lou Capitao

Director of Marketing, W.J. Deutsch

“I was constantly impressed with the valuable ideas and creative solutions Long Advertising provided. When I asked for assistance, they were always there with an array of ideas to choose from.”

Larry T. Gibson

Product Manager, International Paper

“Your willingness to work within our limitations (financial as well as imagination) made the the whole process of airing cable commercials a pleasure. To find out that we won awards, that was the best news.”

Bruce Bagin

President, B&B Pool and Spa

“I have had the great pleasure of working closely with Long Advertising on the launch of the Evertroll battery into the sports fishing market. The launch was done so well that the industry regards it as a model for the best marketing practices…The product went from non-existence to being desired by 40% of the surveyed sample in one year!”

Glen Bowling

VP Worldwide Sales and Marketing, Evercel

“Thank you for your efforts in helping to make FreshCap a success…With the support of your achievements, the division sold an additional 34 million spout closures. Part of the vision…is to place a FreshCap spout on every retail dairy container sold by International Paper. The results of your hard work are helping to make this a reality.”

Larry Gibson

FreshCap Product Manager, International Paper

FreshCap Radio Spot for Schenkel's Dairy: Farm Animals (CW Jingle)

“I am writing to thank you for the wonderful design that is now part of an exhibition of children’s art…The designed panel injects energy and excitement into the display.”

Tom Cahill

Executive Director, Studio in a School

“Long Advertising has time and time again proven to be a formidible dtrategic partner in the battle to win the hearts and trust of HEC’s consumers and business partners alike.”

Andrew Gentiluomo

VP & General Manager, HEC

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